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Dragon Cloud Inc. connects prestigious clients with premium contractors, and allows everyone to skip the hiring process. After all, when you know you want the best, you need only look to Dragon Cloud. Contractors don’t want to place proposals and go on interviews, especially when they’re artisans in their craft; it’s demeaning!
So, when our prestigious clients, such as Harvard, the World Trade Center, Bluewater Yacht Sales, and many others wish to hire someone who won’t do a poor job and rob them for years to come, they shop with us for the best possible outcome money can buy.
You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out some of our gleaming testimonials!
I had a difficult project that no one could figure out, and [Patrick] did. Not only that he clearly communicated every step of the way. I had a phone conversation with him and another developer, the other developer said “this guy really knows what he’s doing.” I highly recommend and he’s my go to for any development work.
Nancy and Philip Markoff, Shameless Protocol
The process of on-boarding was excellent. I’ve been burned by disappearing programmers and their process seemed stronger re transparency.
Kimberley Fox

I was instantly impressed by Rick’s professionalism and communication, and particularly his self-motivation on our API & PHP project. He very enthusiastically attacked all aspects of our project head-on, communicated very well and was always very responsive to our messages over the course of the project (7-8 months). Rick is the best programmer I have worked with in the last 10 years, both remotely or locally, and I would highly recommend him.

Jason Pim, Bluewater Yacht Sales

Mahmoud was very responsive and knowledgeable, and I believe that he did good work.

Leyla Tarhan, Harvard University
Testimonial 2

I’ve now used Excited Dragon LLC for 2 recent complex web projects. I highly recommend Patrick to anyone needing a real pro.

JR, Twill USA
Carlos Uvalle
I needed troubleshooting on an error that was affecting our ability to connect properly with a 3rd party API. Patrick and I set up a screen sharing session, and he was able to figure out the issue and provide a solution quickly and effectively. I got exactly what I needed and I got it fast. I would gladly work with him again!
Paul Hirsch
Before Realtor(R) existed, the real estate market was full of sharks that took advantage of unwitting would-be homeowners, people trying to sell their homes, and so many other scam artists. The Realtor(R) organization cleaned up the mess, and they helped get laws passed to protect the people.
Today the freelance marketplaces, like Upwork, Freelancer.com, and so many others, are filled with sharks who seek to steal thousands of dollars from unwitting business people under the pretense of a $10 per hour rate. Most of our clients have a horror story just like this one, where they don’t even get their code at the end of the ordeal, and they lose all of their money in the process, so they can’t even file suit against the shark.
Dragon Cloud seeks to do for the freelance industry, what Realtor(R) did for the real estate market. That means no more “I took a class and can program” web developers; no more spammy emails sent to all and sundry, and no no more identity thieves scamming grade A+ contractors. That, my friend, is our true mission. We only wish to connect the very best clients to the very best contractors so no one has to suffer at all!

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Alright, alright. Here are some real quotes you can use. By the way, our founder’s name is “Patrick Mac Gillis Jr.,” or “Rick Mac Gillis” if you prefer to use the name everyone calls him ’round these parts.
“I spent most of my adult life on government welfare, even though I started my career as a software engineer in 2003. In 2015 I wrote a response on Quora stating as such, where someone asked if software engineers are rich. That response started my getting paid as a software engineer.”
“At the end of 2016 I was having difficulties keeping up with the volume of work clients were sending me. So that I could stop turning away clients, I founded a company named Excited Dragon, and in 2018 it got acquired by Dragon Cloud.”
“In 2018 we went from making only tens of thousands in gross revenue, to making a large six-figure income!”
Need more material to work with? Check our Rick’s coaching website at https://rickmacgillis.com.
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