Project Description

Project Brief

Tenant Magic services landlords who need to screen tenants for their real estate holdings.

Our team was in charge of overhauling their system to work with the new SmartMove API from TransUnion.

While we did finish our integration portion of the project, at the time of writing, the other teams they hired for the migration process have yet to finish their portion of the project. The website is still running the old code, but you can visit them here.

Our team has integrated the SmartMove API for many clients! Wouldn’t it be nice to hire a team who can hit the ground running?

Skills Needed

Our team leveraged Guzzle to handle the API connectivity, and built an SDK based on Guzzle.

Next we built a sample program to show how to use the SDK.

SmartMove by TransUnion 50%
Vanilla PHP (No Framework) 50%