Project Description

Project Brief

Bluewater Yacht Sales needed a WordPress plugin to display the hundreds of boats they have listed on the MLS. We built them a plugin so people can browse and search their listings and thousands more listings on the MLS.

Bluewater Yacht Sales switched MLS providers twice, and we only needed to write a new driver to handle the migration. That saved them an estimated $5,000 by not having to redo their project from scratch.

We now maintain their WordPress plugin for them.

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Bluewater Yacht Sales Home
Bluewater Yacht Sales Exclusive
Bluewater Yacht Sales Listing

Skills Needed

To accomplish their goals, our team leveraged existing technology to connect to their APIs. That reduced the workload, and allowed for greater modularity and flexibility in their plugin.

The entire project was built on a modular design, so each component can be swapped in and out as necessary.

WordPress Knowledge 50%
MVC Design Pattern 50%
PHP 100%
API Integration 75%