Mission: To connect top clients to top contractors so everyone can skip the hiring process

Hiring Process
Rick Presenting

Rick Mac Gillis

Growth Strategist
Director of Software Engineering
Systems Administrator

Rick started out as a web developer, and is now a Growth Strategist. He lives in Ohio, and in his spare time he enjoys playing video games. His favorite game series is “Life is Strange.”

  • Over 15 years of experience in Software Engineering
  • Author of “The New Frontier in Web API Programming”
  • Engineered a library of popular software algorithms (HackFastAlgos)
Antelmo Aguilar

Antelmo Aguilar

Business Manager
Project Manager

Antelmo runs the day-to-day operations at Dragon Cloud. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Science in Actuarial Science and a Bachelor Degree of Science in Computer Science from Indiana University.

  • Over 5 years of experience in Web Development
  • Proactive and enthusiastic
  • Drupal and Python Wizard

Tanya Bourque

Master Recruiter
Public Speaker

Tanya is the lady behind the scenes procuring loads of engineers for us to hire the very best! She’s renowned for her talent, and has spoken at high-profile events in the recruiting industry.

  • Over 10 years of recruiting experience.
  • Featured in ERE & Recruiter.com & SourceCon
  • Over 2,000 hires
Rhiannon Thompson

Rhiannon Thompson

Marketing Professional

Rhiannon is an academically trained writer and researcher with a dual Bachelor’s degree in English and Marketing. Her professional career began in marketing and category management where she honed her business management and financial analysis skills while overseeing marketing activities for over 35 million dollars worth of products. Now, she work in the public sector and manages nearly a billion dollars worth of assets each year. In addition, she is also an entrepreneur who manages an online marketing company called The Mint Fox that specializes in small business marketing and consulting.

Hiring Process

Lots of Software Engineers and Others! (10+)

Dragon Cloud’s workforce is always growing. As we service new companies with varied needs, our team expands to meet the need. Below are just a taste of some of the project types our engineers can handle for you.

  1. WordPress
  2. PHP, Python, and others
  3. Mobile App Development
  4. Copywriting
  5. Systems Architecting and Administration (Ex. Building/maintaining a cloud)
  6. Growth Strategy
  7. Many other project types, too!

And This Is Just The Beginning.

Dragon Cloud is always evolving to find new ways to solve the problems in the industry. Soon (end of 2019) we’ll launch the Dragon Cloud Marketplace to service more clients with an ever growing base of contractors.